Monday, March 19, 2007

Atc Under the sea swap

These are some atc's I made for an under the sea swap on For the background I just randomly swirled elmers glue around it then I let it dry. I then took a blue ink pad and rubbed all over the background including over the glue. Then I took a purple marker and a blending pen and added some purple in there. Then I just glittered up the dolphins. The turtle on the first card is a magazine clipping and in the second one I used blue glass beads to create a wave type design. The other dolphin atc I made was done with a blending pen. I just freehand drew it. It was my first time ever using a blending pen. I really like those things!! Not super crazy about that card but I added little spots of irredescent glitter and it added some glitz to it. I have 3 more cards to make and I'll be done for that swap. Hopefully the people receiving them will truely enjoy them!!!