Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's On My Phone Tuesdays

Dan filling the stove for my dad while he's down with his broken foot..


Pinterest Play Day!-Make your own chalk board! EASY!!!

Excuse the crapola photos here....
I've had a piece of foam core board for over a year now...because..well...Im a packrat and can't throw anything away and I just knew that I would use it for SOMETHING...
Well..a year later that something has come...
A chalk board!!
I seen on pinterest how you can make your own chalkboard paint using powdered tile grout...well.I didn't have any of that, but I did have plaster of paris..so i figured..really...what do I have to lose??...
So I gathered all my supplies...
foam core board
black acrylic craft paint
foam brush
disposable cup....
and away i went...
I squirted about a half cup of paint into the cup and 4 scoops of plaster into the paint.
I stirred it well with the foam brush and then painted the foam core...
I let it dry..and it dries quick and painted on 4 more layers..
To hang it I used those command adhesive strip thinga ma bobs...
Seeings as the foam core was so light they were perfect for this project...

In about an hour I was able to write on the board with chalk..

I hung this in my kitchen..and the whole family has had fun drawing on it..
leaving messages and words of encouragement..and WHAT'S FOR DINNER!!!
The plaster seemed to do the trick! I've since wiped it down with a damp cloth and the paint did not come off. The possibilies on this project are endless! You could paint anything! Even a wall..or door..or...well you get the idea :) Also keep in mind you can use any color paint you want!
Have fun with it!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Lady Love Bug Has Landed!

What a fun Valentine surprise I receive in the mail!!
I tell you what I have met some of my favorite people online!
There are so many good people still out there!
I really am blessed (and a bit spoiled) by the people I have been connected with just thru the internet alone!

It was a nice, fun, unexpected surprise when I receive this card and plaque from Barbee Masterson in the mail!
It's it just the cutest?? AND it goes perfect with the decor on my hutch!!
Thank you Barbee for thinking of me! Such a sweet gesture from you!!
I love it!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chocolate Orange...good or not....

The Chocolate Orange...
Standing in Menards very looong line during Christmas shopping time,
Dan and I seen the chocolate orange on the display case and started talking
about how it sounded so gross!
The lady in front of us turned and said to us "You'd be surprised! It's very good!"
So we thought it'd be a fun family activity....
Well ...it took us FOREVER to remember to try that thing!
Carter kept asking and every time either someone was already sleeping or not everyone was at home at the time.
Well eventualy we remembered!

I have no idea why Carter is making that face or why Caleb is about to bite his brother's ear..I guess the chocolate orange brings out the vampire in people..

Carter giving it a whack on the table...nothing happened..either he is a wimp or maybe because at this point the chocolate orange is old..lol..
Caleb giving it a go......

Atlas, it worked!
Impressed or not Impressed???.....
Lets think about this...let me let it set into my tastebuds...

I'm not sure I wanna eat this..cracking it open was the fun part....

Overall, we all agreed that it was good..but it wasn't something that we are going to rush out and make sure we buy every year...I mean its no Chocolate Charley!
It had a slight orange taste but was more chocolate flavored.
It was fun tho!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A LOVEly little tree

Here is how the little Valentine tree turned out.
I am very happy with it! It was fun using pink and red!!
And look what surfaced..more of those heart cut outs..
I told you I wasn't joking about cutting alot of them lol!

Even the cat enjoyed the tree..
A little too much!!! Darn cat!

And even my plastic kids got dressed for the occasion!

Hope your Valentine's Day is full of lots of love!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Picky Little Plant

           Remember I told you I cut out alot of hearts..
                                       well here are some of the things I ended up doing with them all.                              

I hung some from the greenery on the hutch. (Love how
this turned out!)
                                         Then I had alot left over so I got this grand idea to make plant picks.
                                          I just glued them onto a skewer and sprinkled glitter on them.

I do believe that I went a little over board on the Valentine decorating :)
I'm already brain storming St. Patty's Day :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Carter (7th grade water boy) & Caleb
Photo Courtesy of Deb & Tim Morey

Monday, February 6, 2012

Love is in the air....

litterally...in the air...hanging above my sink...
We all loved having the Christmas lights hanging in the kitchen, it gave off a nice gentle glow early in the mornings or late at night when someone got up to drink or drain..
It made me sad to take them down...then I got an ah ha moment..
Why not put up red lights in replace of the Christmas colors...but then...it would still look "Christmasy"..
In enters..red paper..a stencil..and glitter...

And here we go folks..I went on a heart creating frenzy!!
I made a ton of hearts..and I mean a ton..I started putting hearts all over the place if we're gonna be honest here.. :)

The pictures here aren't the greatest but I was trying to capture the pinkish red glow..I think you get what Im trying to capture here..or at least I hope.
Stay tuned to see what else these hearts made an appearance on :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

They are growing up so fast! Where did the time go?