Sunday, November 7, 2010

Americana Snowmen Ornaments-Made from paper bags.

OooOps...I just realized that I glued the striped fabric on one of the snowmen side ways...ole' much for perfectionism...
I seen a snowman somewhere online that was made of felt and sewn and super cute.
Well me being a non-sew type person I re-enacted this with my handy dandy glue gun and other supplies..
These started out as paper bags...

I pulled out the upholerstery sample book and found the material to make the pockets..another item used that cost me nothing!!! :)
Once I had them done I stuffed them with batting, glued on the jute to hang them from.
They didn't turn out the direction I was going for...but I still think they came out cute!!
They are headed to the craft show..I sure hope they find new homes!!


  1. Love them! I would buy them for sure. Sad your craft fair isn't in my area.

  2. i'm thinking they would be darling hanging in a window or tied on packages.too cute.........


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