Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Altered Cracker Box

So the challenge presented was
"How to reuse cereal boxes"..I seen this idea a long time
ago on the internet and kept it in the back of my mind..
I didn't have an empty cereal box, but I ddi have an empty cracker box so forward I marched...

I popped it open at the seams

I slathered it in GLUE STICK (no bubbling)
and put scrapbooking paper on it and then took my handy dandy

brayer and rubbed the heck out of it...
I put the paper over the picture part of the box. I figured that way the inside of the "bag/box" would look nicer when presented as a gift...just a thought...I think the paper would stick better for durability on the nonpainted side tho..just depends on the glue you use too probably...anyways...

I even covered the flaps of the box that would normally "close" the box up at the top..then I tucked those pieces down..again..you could snip them off..I just did it for presentation and stability..your prefrence.

Then I just glued it all back together again (I used the glue gun so it would be a bit speedier..)

Then it was on to decorations..I just kept it super simple..kinda a trial run per-say..
Punched two holes on each side of the box...

This is the other side of the box..I rather like it plain quite better actually then I do the other side..

I made a quick to/from tag with the left over scraps

Inserted some ribbon for the handles (I should made them longer but..oops ole well...trial and error again..lol..)
Stuffed in some blue tissue and there you have it...an altered cracker box suitable for gift giving...
Now I am aware that this is pretty simple and not real fancy cute..but I just wanted to give it a try and it was something to do while watching HOARDERS...so quick and easy won...I'd love to see your altered boxes if you choose to make some!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Making A Fall Tree

Excuse my funky mantle right now..it's in the process of being redone and repainted..

I started out with an old cereal box...and a stencil and some free hand...

Glued them on to various scrapbook papers...

Inked the edges...

Cut them all out..... (again)

Hot glued some string on them...
Added some corrugated cardboard to a jar, plopped the branches in it..

And there you have it...a quick fall decorations..!!

Americana Snowmen Ornaments-Made from paper bags.

OooOps...I just realized that I glued the striped fabric on one of the snowmen side ways...ole' well..so much for perfectionism...
I seen a snowman somewhere online that was made of felt and sewn and super cute.
Well me being a non-sew type person I re-enacted this with my handy dandy glue gun and other supplies..
These started out as paper bags...

I pulled out the upholerstery sample book and found the material to make the pockets..another item used that cost me nothing!!! :)
Once I had them done I stuffed them with batting, glued on the jute to hang them from.
They didn't turn out the direction I was going for...but I still think they came out cute!!
They are headed to the craft show..I sure hope they find new homes!!