Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaidon

I really should not post this disgrace lol..
This is NOT a cake I am proud of!!
But I wanted to show you a cheap way of adding a photo to
your cake. It's not ediable but it's doable.
I took a 4x6 photo and wrapped it good and tight with saran wrap,
then place it on your cake and pipe frosting around it.
That's all there is too it!
I always add extra frosting to where the photo is going to lay so when you pull
it up that section of the cake isn't without frosting.

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  1. Hi there: I popped over here from the waste nothing group. You've got some nice projects going. I did the picture on a cake too. Used the laser printer to print a relative's favorite black and white picture and just laid it on the frosting. The white border on the picture blended in pretty well with the frosting, but I really like your idea of making a frosting border around the picture. I actually paid to have one done at the store. Never again!!!


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