Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to make expensive vases for cheap!

The photos aren't exactly the greatest because I got a last minute whim of an idea to take a quick photo of this project, with my cell phone no less...
To buy something like this from Pottery Barn it could cost you $80. BUT to MAKE something like this it will cost you $2!!
My sisters and I always like to get each other very small gifts for Christmas, at the last minute I was stumped on what to get or make for them.
So off to the Dollar Tree I went..
I purchashed the biggest vases that they had at a buck each, and glass candle sticks..also a buck each..
Got out my handy dandy e6000 and started assembling. All you do is glue the candle stick to the bottom of the vase. Make sure all the glass is clean and free of stickers..and there you have it..
Add some ornaments, candy canes, some greenery, maybe a ribbon around the versitile too!
Can be filled with various items for various holidays or used for candles..etc..either way I hope they enjoy them!!

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