Friday, November 18, 2011

Some Spooky Halloween Decor..

I didn't want to put alot of Halloween decorations out this year, but I did want to do a little "something something"...besides that the boys ALWAYS ask EVERY year WHEN am I going to get the Halloween stuff this year I decided to keep the Halloween decor dedicated to just the dining room.....

 Of course I had to stick my plastic daughter in there some where :)
Our monster head is one of our favorite items (Thank you again Aunt Janet)

 Putting the eyeball and spider in the skull was all Carter's idea lol..

 Some little "potions" that I am yet to make labels for..

 A little haunted house (again thank you Aunt Janet) I think
it's the cutest little thing, lots of little decorations on that lil baby!

 The haunted house behind the ceramic ghost my youngest sister
made for Dan and I when we lived in our very first home. Its around 13-14years
old and I always smile every year that I pull it out! My sister is amazed I still have it! She was like 12 or 13 when she made it for me!
 This little witch is old too. I made it in highschool! I don't think
it's anything impressive, rather ugly really, but since I've made it and had
it this long already, I figure I'll keep it now, until it falls apart.
 I ADORE these candles!! (Thank you to my mother in law)
See how people support my's great really :)
I think the faces on this ghosts are just down right stinkin adorable!!
I keep them in their package because I don't want them to get
dusty or their little noses to fall of or something tragic that would make me cry :)

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