Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chocolate Orange...good or not....

The Chocolate Orange...
Standing in Menards very looong line during Christmas shopping time,
Dan and I seen the chocolate orange on the display case and started talking
about how it sounded so gross!
The lady in front of us turned and said to us "You'd be surprised! It's very good!"
So we thought it'd be a fun family activity....
Well took us FOREVER to remember to try that thing!
Carter kept asking and every time either someone was already sleeping or not everyone was at home at the time.
Well eventualy we remembered!

I have no idea why Carter is making that face or why Caleb is about to bite his brother's ear..I guess the chocolate orange brings out the vampire in people..

Carter giving it a whack on the table...nothing happened..either he is a wimp or maybe because at this point the chocolate orange is
Caleb giving it a go......

Atlas, it worked!
Impressed or not Impressed???.....
Lets think about this...let me let it set into my tastebuds...

I'm not sure I wanna eat this..cracking it open was the fun part....

Overall, we all agreed that it was good..but it wasn't something that we are going to rush out and make sure we buy every year...I mean its no Chocolate Charley!
It had a slight orange taste but was more chocolate flavored.
It was fun tho!

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