Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift...from the young at heart..

Ahhh..young love..its so sweet..and precious..and DRAMATIC....but puppy love is something of wonder and excitement!!
My son asked me to make his little girlfriend a "Valentine's Necklace" so he can give it to her as a gift.
Not sure of this young ladies "style" made it a bit of a challenge. These are the beads we picked out.
I might make earrings and a bracelet to match but we shall see..depends on how ambitious I might get :)
Notice the 2 hearts..that was Caleb's idea...everyone say..awwww!!
She is 12 so hopefully this is something she will like...Im sure since it's coming from the boyfriend and they are both love struck she will love it. I think Dan coulda gave me a bread tie and I'd of been swooney over it!!

And my model for today is the lovely "Chappy"...not sure if he's trying to go for the Octomom lips or if he just has a bad addiction of licking his lips..but seriously could we please go one winter without the rash attack??
I love how he's game for anything..try on a girly necklace sure.!!


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