Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Valentine Mantle

Ok so this mantle didn't go quite as well as I had planned.
I knew I wanted to blend the colors red,pink and turquoise but I couldn't get them to look just right on my mantle. Sometimes my dark wood work really works against me!
I seen how Lucy over at Craftberry Bush did her mantle and my wheels started turning!!
Her mantle is BEAUTIFUL be sure to take a peek-you won't be sorry. It's so soft and romantic.
However..I wasn't going for a romantic look just more of a fun whimsical feel.
She showed how she made a faux cross stitch picture and I knew right away I too wanted one of those!!
HOWEVER-I did not even come close to doing as good as she did. I just free handed mine and didn't use precise lining-which I regret now..because mine isn't so "cross stitchie" looking..but it'll do for this year I may redo it and do it correctly this time, for next year...
I was also inspired by her to wrap the blue jars in burlap and use the stripped down books.
I'm still not happy with how my mantle turned out. I think Im going to add some big glittery hearts.
But I don't want to dwell on for now Im going to call it done..besides I still have to decorate the hutch :)
It looks more cluttered then decorated to me...I'll bet I end up redoing it eventually lol..
How are you decorating this year?


  1. I like it. I wish I had a mantel.

  2. I like your cross-stitched heart. It's huge! Such a lot of work, but it's whimsical and fun! Thanks so much for linking up to my Valentine Link Party! I appreciate you doing that!

  3. I really like the cross-stitched heart picture... will have to try that! And don't be so hard on yourself! That's the great thing about budget decorating and using items you already have--- it's easy to switch around & no harm done if it doesn't turn out just right. Thanks so much for linking up to my Handmade Valentine party at

  4. I really like the size of the cross-stitched heart. I have a mantel that could really use one.

  5. That cross-stiched heart is lovely and thanks for linking your project to Cowgirl Up.


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