Monday, February 23, 2015

Brats & Potato Wedges

What did humans do before pinterest?! I am admittedly a pinterest junkie! My best crafts,parties,gifts and meals all come from this very very addicting website! I know I'm not alone...but if you're living under a rock and don't know what pinterest is you should really check it out! -you can thank me later :) 

....Now onto my latest pinterest play I used two recipes for our dinner. On average we try a pinterest recipe about 3 times a family will either say keep the recipe or lose it...both these recipes they say are keepers!

First recipe is the potatoe wedges..easy peasy..the key to great wedges is PARCHMENT PAPER folks! The taters come out nice and golden !

Here is the link to the recipe. Very flavorful.
The next recipe is for the bratwurst. When I make this again I will either use plain beer or perhaps that apple ale beer. The recipe calls for grilling the brats for a few minutes but it's been so cold and frigid here in Michigan that the thought of going outside makes me cold. For what little bit you grill them I found it not worth going outside for...I did however pull out the ole' George Foreman...that seemed to have did the trick. I also added fresh sliced mushrooms to the onions and sauce. 
Give this recipe a shot. It's worth trying and changes up a simple brat!
If you Decide to try any of these recipes let me know what you guys think! Big thanks to the original posters of the recipes!

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