Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Just want to take this chance to
tell you all Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope your whole day was full of LOVE.
To all our friends and family,
we don't say it nearly enough but we LOVE you all!!
Time passes so quickly, and before you know it..weeks..months..go by
and we go so long without seeing each other or saying I LOVE you to one another.
I LOVE you is not something that should just be said to a spouse or a parent or your children.
Many people feel funny saying "I LOVE you" to people they "actually do LOVE..but I say if you LOVE someone tell them....especially while the opportunity is there to tell them. LOVE is not a shameful emotion. It's the best emotion a human can again to you friends and family, we LOVE you all!!

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