Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations to the Obama Family

I would love to interveiw these girls.
What is happening to them is beyond their wildest dreams.
I mean seriously what kid hasn't dreamt of living in the WHITE HOUSE!!!
I also think that they seem to be so proud of their daddy!
Isn't this so cool?!! She is taking pictures of todays event!
It's so surreal she wants to take it all in.
I wonder if she has a clue how many photos of her and her family will be taken over the next 4 years lol..I love it!!
I wonder what they're saying here. "We did it Baby!"

I just think this picture is to cool.

"We did it Baby! We made it to the White House!" and she says "That's my man!"
I think they seem so PROUD!!

One focus on today (which is NOT a big deal to me) was what will Michelle wear.
I thought it was pretty neat to hear she wore a non famous name and instead chose someone that wasn't in the lime light.
However! I do beleive she chose a great outfit for today. Looks like it was as warm as she could get with still looking classy.
Good thinkin!

I have never found election time to be of much interest to me.
I mean I know it should be, I should exercise my right to vote,but I always just figured I didn't know what all that political stuff meant so I wouldn't know who to vote for really.

I never seemed to form my own opinion. I took what other people were saying about the past candidates and formed my opinion from what I'd "heard".

But this year it was different. I studied each candidate, as well as the VP's, I watched the debates, I read up on them online..and I VOTED!

I did not find it to be an easy vote either! I was torn right up till the time I filled out my ballot!
I think both McCain and Obama had something good and bad to bring to the table.

I am honored to be a part of this day in history. To know that *I* voted to help bring change to this great country is remarkable. My kids and Grandkids and so forth will be studying this day for years and years to come.

I am excited to watch the Obama girls grow, I am excited for this family! They just give off such a glow of "WE DID IT!!"

I am going to reach out and grab hope and say, "I hope Obama does good by us and is the change America needs." May the Lord guide him and keep him and his family safe. It's going to be a tough road for PRESIDENT Obama.

There are several out there who are anti-Obama. And that's ok. We have the right to our own opinions, that's the great thing about living in the USA, we have the right to our opinion. But the majority of America has spoken. There is no turning back, nothing can be done. So we may as well make the most of it. I say give him a chance to prove himself. Reform your opinion once he's had time to make a difference. Maybe you'll be surprised. Maybe he will serve you well.

I am epecially proud to be an American today. I loved seeing how other American's came together as one. I was also especially happy to see how much prayer was said and the mention of God. May he never be removed from our Country.

I am attaching some photos I found doing a google search. I got them from
If you want to see more. There are some great ones!!

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