Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok so my cousin is a huge Elvis fan, well for Christmas last year I made her a record bowl and put various Elvis items in the bowl...however everyone else's bowls that I've seen came out way better then mine. Anyone got any tips for me?
Here is what I did.
I went to a thrift store and got them for like 25 cents I bought extra for mistakes.
I put the oven on a low temp and laid a metal bowl ontop of a flat cookie sheet.
Then I laid the record on the bowl letting it "melt" around the bowl.
Below is the cobbled up crap I came up with..anyone have any ideas or tips for me??


  1. Hello Shanwa,
    The best advice I can give you is: You need to be smarter then then that. What did you think was going to happen when you put a record in the oven. Come on! Get a life. Use your head a little.
    Next time Try putting it in hot water and ahape it your self using a bowl. the hot water will make the record soft! So as it gets warm it will be better to work with. now you will have to keep putting it back in the hot water as you shape it.
    Now if you are not as smart to do that Post here and I will get your post and maybe I can help you more. OBTW don't force it just try to shape it a little at a time and start in the middle and work down. Good luck. I hope I have helped you out. After all you are not as smart as you may think.

  2. Wow thanks for the tips! Maybe since you're so much smarter then me you could make a record bowl tutorial and add it to your blog and show me how to do it with WATER...seeings how my bowl pretty much turned out like all the google directions I've looked at I'd say I pretty much did it right..but then again..I'm not a smart as the chicken shit person who left this comment ANONYMOUSLY

  3. I am doing a paper for school. We had to leave a message on 2 to 4 blogs. To find out what reaction we would get out of people. I picked you hoping that I got a better reaction. With you being so upset I will not be using you in my study. I did it anonymously that was part of the study. BTW my name is Barb. I am a student so I can't give out info. Just wanted to let you know!

  4. why are you guys so angry? my god get control of yourselves and quit being so nasty to each other. there are anger management classes available you know. sure makes me want to buy your stuff.

  5. Just cracks me up..everyone loves to leave "anonymous" amazes me the class of some people. The lame stories they will tell and expect that people will beleive them...if you don't have anything but insults to blast stay off my blog, I don't need it and don't have to and won't deal with internet drama..


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