Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is SO me!!!

For Christmas, I got 2 gifts that are SO me. Like "thee perfect gift" and ironically I got a great chuckle out of them!!
As soon as I opened these gifts it was like "She's good she KNOWS me!!"
I am a HUGE coffee drinker! Pretty much drink it from sun up to sun down.
And there are many mornings I get up and realize CRAP! I'm outta coffee...creamer..filters..etc...
Well my friend Staci made me a "emergency coffee basket". How awesome for me lol..
She filled it with creamer, and filters, and coffee samples and sugar packets and just lots of other things...everything a coffee lover needs for her coffee!! How funny and perfect is that??!!

From my Mother in Law I got a super cute pair of pj's! The pj pants have coffee cups and pots all over them!! And they are a really pretty teal color to boot!! When I opened these up I couldn't help but laugh because I think these jammies were made just for me lol..

I really love and cherish every gift I got, these are just the 2 gifts that screamed "me".

I hope you all got some great gifts too!

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