Monday, January 26, 2009

My attempt at re-doing my dolls hair

I have a secret love for baby dolls.
I love all kinds of dolls!
This particular doll caught my eye at our local thrift store.
I only paid 50 cents for her!!!!
When I seen her I knew she'd be fun to dress up in different outfits for different holidays and such.
It's funny, she become my plastic daughter I think lol..
People come over to my house and even notice her outfits are changed.
My stepmom even looks for outfits for her lol..
And you know.....she don't even have a name! We'll have to do something about that I suppose!
So anyways, when I got her, her hair was not in the
best of shape. Not to mention she is the doll of choice
of all the little kids that come to play at our house.
So her hair has been run through the wringer.
Today I decided to take her out of her Christmas outfit and put her in her
Valentine's outfit.
Well as I was changing her outfit I got to looking at her hair and thought..
She so needs hair therapy!
So here is what I did..
First I filled a pan with warm water and I put about a cup of liquid fabric softner into the water.
Then I stuck the dolls head in there and just let her soak for about a half hour.
(Yes basically I drowned her!)
I was worried her hair might turn blue but nope it didn't.
This is what her hair looked like before the soaking.
See what I mean. Major need of conditioning lol..

After she soaked for about a half hour I very loosely wrapped her hair up in a towel. (didn't want to tangle it anymore then it was)

Then I took a very wide toothed comb and very carefully combed her hair. Starting at the bottom and working my way up.
Although I was careful I still ended up with a nice size hairball when all was said and done.
Her hair still looks a little frizzy but I looks SO much better then what it did. And it's ALOT shinier!
I couldn't do anything with her curly bangs, they were just outta control to begin with. So I combed them as best I could then I pinned them back with a bobby pin.
To save her hair from frizzing any more or getting tangled again I very tightly braided it.
And there you have it....Not great hair but much better!
If you have some babies or barbies with goofy hair give this a try it might work for you!
If you've got any suggestions feel free to share them!!
Oh and by the way, her hair smells great!!

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